Milo Helps Patients Take Back Control

We introduce competition and transparency into the world of Prescription Medications

Milo was Designed to Help You Live Well

What is Milo?

We make it easy to fill prescriptions at the best price, wherever you want, hassle-free. We start by putting your prescriptions where they’ve always belonged—in your hands. We show you every pharmacy’s price and apply every available discount. With all the information and control you need in one place, you get better, simpler prescription care. Because you don’t just need to get well. You need to live well, too.

In our healthcare system, getting and staying well can feel like a draining slog. Finding trustworthy providers. Managing appointments. Tracking spending. Even the smallest task, like filling a prescription, means accepting hidden costs, inconvenience, and bureaucracy. Milo was born to change that.

I love this app! The ease of use, instant price comparisons and reliability are all big pluses. The savings on prescription costs is outstanding, and it’s been no trouble at all to transfer my prescriptions over—and I can have them filled wherever I find myself. Kudos to the developers for such a useful and user-friendly product, particularly for this non tech head! Thank you and please don’t ever go away.

Jamdi - Los Angeles, CA

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