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Save time for you and your patients by helping them take direct control of their prescriptions

For Prescribers
Milo's free digital prescription wallet app is a new, improved way to send e-prescriptions. It puts the prescription on the patient's smartphone so your office phone doesn't ring from patients trying to get you to resend a prescription to another pharmacy.
How does it work?
1Choose "Milo" as the pharmacy for e-prescribing We are listed in e-prescribing software as a retail pharmacy. (If you have difficulty finding us, choose "Milo" and zip code "10550" in NY.*)
2Patients see the price for medication at pharmacies on the app, and patients choose which pharmacy gets the Rx You can send them an Rx even if they haven't downloaded the app yet--your electronic prescription will generate a text message to their phone with a link for them to download the app if they don't have it already.
3Patients keep all remaining refills on their phone, and can send later refills to other pharmacies They can send the first fill to the pharmacy next to your office. Later refills they can pick up near home, work, or even their hotel if they forget their medication while traveling.
As many as 30% of patients won't fill all their prescriptions, sometimes because of cost, sometimes because it's inconvenient -- Milo does everything we can to make it as convenient and affordable as possible for your patients to fill their prescriptions.

* Still having trouble finding Milo in your e-prescribing system?

  • Some systems show only pharmacies in your state. Try changing the state to "NY"
  • Try searching for us by our phone number: 855-633-7296
  • We're in the list of "retail" pharmacies, not in the list of "mail order" pharmacies
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