Milo has helped make my monthly medication for my autoimmune disease affordable and helped me find prices that were even cheaper than when I was on insurance. Before seeing the price comparison, I couldn't even afford it. I travel constantly and having my script in my app, able to send to a pharmacy wherever I am, has been a game changer. I don't have to fight with the doctors office/my old pharmacy to move it anymore. And one more thing, their customer service is amazing and so helpful.
I love this app! The ease of use, instant price comparisons and reliability are all big pluses. The savings on prescription costs is outstanding, and it's been no trouble at all to transfer my prescriptions over-andI can have them filled wherever I find myself. Kudos to the developers for such a useful and user-friendly product, particularly for this non tech head! Thank you and please don't ever go away.
The ability to easily move my prescriptions from pharmacy to pharmacy and shop based on price is a game changer. Milo is not only convenient but also is helping me save a ton of $ on my monthly prescriptions.
Guys - it works like a charm. Nice design, easy to use, and you will be shocked by how much variation there is in the price of medications between pharmacies. If you enjoy saving money get the app.
It's about time there was an app for price shopping meds. Milo is easy to use and a great way to make sure l'm. Or paying more than I should be. Big thumbs up!
I’m a physician and this allows patients to find the best price independently of me, which saves time.
My Medicare Part D insurance has a $90/month copay for my osteoporosis medication. Using Milo's price shopping tools, I found the exact same medication at a pharmacy that charges less than $10 per month. Thanks to Milo, in 2021 I saved over $900 on prescriptions.
I’ve been using Milo for over a year now, I take 3 daily medications and saved $2,760 over the last year. It’s made such a difference in my life.